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Bethel Park is located in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania and has a population of 33,556.

The area that is now Bethel Park was originally settled around 1800 and was first established as Bethel Township, in 1866. Bethel Park was incorporated as a borough on March 17, 1949.

Points of interest:

* South Hills Village
* 11 community parks
* Bethel Park Community Center
* South Park Wave Pool
* South Park Hundred Acres Manor
* Blade Runners

The Parks in Bethel are a source of pride and enjoyment for the community. There are 10 of them:

  • Elm Tree Park
  • Miner’s Park
  • Mollyhill Park
  • Oak Tree Park
  • Peter Page Park
  • Pine Tree Park
  • UPMC Field
  • Millennium Park
  • Village Green Park
  • Simmons Par

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  1. Guy Sebastian Says:

    Did you know the house on 5365 library Rd. was once haunted? It was built in 1915.The house next door was built in 1850! Ledgend says it was the origanl farm house.Could you tell me the history aabout these houses and if you don’t could you tell me were I could find where because this house was the mount everst of hauntings. I even got pictures of the ghost in the windows.The guy who lives their now says its not haunted any more.Something must of happened their for it to be so haunted.

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